The EPT Healing treatment allowed me to release issues I had carried for most of my life that never served me in the first place.  The healing treatment allowed me to understand, learn and know myself—my spirit—in a way in which I have never had.  It became easier to love myself and others with this new found understanding.  An understanding and acceptance that cannot be described in words, but rather a feeling that dwells within, a feeling one must experience first hand for them self.  - Tracy

Yesterday afternoon was very powerful. I can see the wonderful possibilities. thank you so much. I would like to proceed with more.....to resolution. This has been a limiting factor in my life and I want relief. Blessings on all you touch. - Jim

My EPT experience was phenomenal.  I did not know what to expect however, Andrea was professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I felt supported throughout the session.
This integrated physical/emotional release therapy, unlike anything else I have tried. EPT works to untangle hidden fears, sadness, trauma that impact your life.  It allows for acknowledgement, forgiveness, gratitude and release of that which no longer serves you. - Lauren

I've spent so many years going to different therapists and psychiatrists but never have been able to find relief from my depression. Medication only helps so much. E.P.T. is the first treatment that helped me find out what are really the roots of my depression issues. No, it's not an instant fix; rather, it's a  journey. The difference is that I can feel  resolution happening each time I work with Andrea. - Monique

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