What is EPT?
EPT is an empowering therapy that speeds up healing. This highly effective emotional health technology was designed to gently eliminate, or minimize, both physical and emotional issues, by transforming the human biofield and removing the negative emotional patterns and the neuropeptides channels that precipitate the problem. 

Why does EPT work?

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Do you know why your thinking affects you physically and emotionally?

Your thoughts and emotions are inseparably linked. In an attempt to deal with the avalanche of stress in your life, your mind stores excess negative emotional energy in your body.

EPT reveals what the mind conceals. Your physical body is influenced by your mental thoughts, words, feelings and emotions; which are kept as information at a cellular level.

To deal with stressful issues surrounding us in our daily lives, our bodies tend to store these emotions in our organs and muscles, leading to different types of unhealthy responses. 

When EPT is used, we gain an understanding as to why we react the way that we do and why we respond to similar situations repeatedly in the same way. Understanding and releasing damaging emotions helps us move away from being “stuck” and toward unlocking our potential, putting us back on the road to harmonic well being. 
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